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Hide IT Ink Pad Refills
Hide IT Ink Pad Refills
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Top tip: changing the ink padby Hope Kingsley

5 stars out of 5

Hide IT Ink Pad Refills

To put in a new ink pad, slightly depress the Hide ID mechanism (as if you're stamping something). This releases the stamp and makes it easy to slide the old ink pad out and the new ink pad in. BTW - this is a great product - been using it for years - so sorry that all the negative reviews have led Lakeland to discontinue it. Lakeland still stocks the refill ink pads.

Published 25 03 2014

Hide ID worksby Vivian

4 stars out of 5

Hide IT Ink Pad Refills

Very pleased with this. However, I did manage to get the ink over myself and my desk! So now I use on a larger piece of paper to keep my desk clean & only put the envelope into the waste bin when the ink has dried. Occasionally it is necessary to stamp 2 or 3 times if the address is larger than usual. Altogether - brilliant - it cuts down the amount of things I have to put through the shredder, and also cuts down on time as I now stamp correspondence and envelopes as soon as I wish to dispose of them rather than saving them up and having to get out the shredder to get rid of 2 or 3 months of papers!

Published 30 08 2009

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