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Spider Catcher

3.0 stars out of 5 based on 95 reviews.

Remove spiders from your home without harming them.

Giving you the ability (and the bravery) to remove the creatures safely, just point the trap, Press the button, and the battery-operated vacuum will gently capture the spider or insect.

Will also capture wasps and flies, and pick up those home invaders, woodlice.

9V battery incl.

60cm (23¼”) L.

Cat Ref: SKU 20455

  • Batteries included

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Customer Reviews - Spider Catcher

3.0 stars out of 5 based on 95 reviews.

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Cruelty free creepy crawly removal! by Rose

5 stars out of 5

Spider Catcher

When I first took the spider catcher out of the box I thought what a piece of junk and a waste of money. It appeared on first sight to be very flimsy and the plastic looked cheap. However, I assembled the unit and tried it out on a spider that had been lurking on my bedroom ceiling for a couple of days. The spider did not know what had happened to it. It was up the tube so fast and then deposited in the garden just as quickly. Wow! My opinion was changed immediately I used this gadget for the first time. I love it!!! It can also be used to catch flies, wasps, bees, moths - in fact any creepy crawlies or flying nasties that come in to your home. No more crawling around with a tumbler and paper or trying to shoo things out the window or door. The length of the tube also means you are holding the critters at arms length if they give you the "creeps". Very large spiders are a bit problematic, but they can usually be persuaded into the tube. Just be sure to put the end cap on before releasing the switch when catching flying critters as they will otherwise just fly straight back out before you can put them outside where they belong.

Spiderless! by Donna

5 stars out of 5

Spider Catcher

This does what it says on the tin! It works very well and I now feel much more confident about any potential spider invasion. It also came in useful to suck up dead insects and debris that accumulated on my conservatory window ledges in late summer.
The only improvement would be too have the end cap fit better, it does tend to fall off.
But good value for money!

Excellent product by Ms Morrison

5 stars out of 5

Spider Catcher

I find that this product works extremely well and without hurting insects. I find it powerful enough for the job. Highly recommended.

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