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Ceramic 2lb Loaf Pan

3.1 stars out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

Absorbing excess moisture and distributing heat evenly, ceramic has excellent baking properties, giving exceptional results when it comes to the likes of bread and pizza, producing crisp crusts and bases. This traditional range is also a lovely way of serving at the table.

Oven safe up to 230°C.

Cat Ref: SKU 16075

Approx. 28 x 12 x 8cm H. (11" x 4¾" x 3")

  • Freezer safe
  • Oven safe

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The Ceramic 2lb Loaf Pan product has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews - Ceramic 2lb Loaf Pan

3.1 stars out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

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It works well! by David

5 stars out of 5

Ceramic 2lb Loaf Pan

I bought this bread pan because I thought it sounded like a good idea. However I was not so sure when I then read the reviews. I took on board some tips from other reviewers and am pleased to say, with a bit of experimentation, I'm very pleased with the results. Key points: oil the pan; prove in the pan; put in cold or 150c oven and then whack up to target temp. Yet to try putting straight into "hot" oven? Loaf tips out a few minutes cooling without any problem. Some of my best loaves so far :-)

Pretty Good by Leigh

4 stars out of 5

Ceramic 2lb Loaf Pan

I actually quite like this. You do have to adapt your methods somewhat, but after following a tip from one of the reviewers I've had very good results. Obviously if you do as the instructions say, it's going to sink a little, it's also tricky to get it to the right size. So, I tried placing the dough in the pan for the second rise and when risen, placed in a cold oven, turned it up to 220C and baked for about 34 mins. Worked a treat and the crust is lovely and crisp with the bread being soft and light. And yes wait until it's cold and it will pop out of the pan no problem.

Good results! by Mrs annette pinsent

5 stars out of 5

Ceramic 2lb Loaf Pan

Very successful after advice from Lakeland re needing to put the pan in a cold oven. I pre-heated the pan for 20mins, dusted with flour, I CAREFULLY put the risen dough from my bowl into the hot pan using a spatula. I left the cooked loaf to cool completely in the pan and it came out easily. I had also tried raising dough in the flour dusted pan and putting into a cold oven, surprisingly this also gave successful results.

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