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Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker
Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker
4.6 stars out of 5 based on 105 reviews.

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LOVE IT!!!by Teresa

5 stars out of 5

Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker

I have had my Cake Pop Maker for 2 weeks and used it 4 times!!! I am not one to buy kitchen gadgets, mostly because I don't have the room but decided to give this one a try. We have done cake Pops on the sticks and cake balls drizzeled with melted chocolate and I am gonna have a go using it for my jalapano corn bread receipe! I can see this getting loads of use!! It's amazingly simple to use, and clean. And if anyone is wondering you get 40-45 balls out of prepacked cake mix....count slightly off cuz little fingers kept pinching the cake balls while I wasn't looking :)

Published 12 12 2011

Fabulous!by Helen

5 stars out of 5

Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker

I've had my cake pop maker for a week and have just made a host of chocolate pops with holly leaves on, for our school Christmas fayre - they look fabulous! Dead easy, cook really quickly and lift out of the machine with few problems. I can see this getting a lot of use for children's parties.

Published 09 12 2011


5 stars out of 5

Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker

This arrived at about noon today and I went mad baking the recipes in book they are brilliant very tasty very moist then tried something else made a batch of choux pastry and put them in machine they took 6/8 minutes and came out brilliant, then filled them with cream (small size icing tube/bag), excellent. Would give ten stars if I could.

Published 24 11 2011

Brilliant!!by janette

5 stars out of 5

Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker

We have had great fun with this. Using our own cake mix we had our cake balls ready for dipping in exactly 4 minutes. Found you needed more cake mix than in directions more like a tablespoon of cake mix. we have had pop cakes on sticks, off sticks and even in a pile for a birthday cake! We used Lakelands simply melts chocolate and magic melting icing to cover which were also fantastic.

Published 15 11 2011

Mix, Fill, Pop, Done !!by Mrs Leary

5 stars out of 5

Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker

Its as simple as that !!. I followed the chocolate recipe on the box. Filled the holes and 4.5 minutes later I had 38 decent sized balls ready to dip. Very good buy. The pops were moist and nice - not dry at all, They came out of the maker very easily - I found that I only need to use your ''Cake Release'' a couple of times and they came out very easily - Very pleased with the Pop Maker :)

Published 14 11 2011

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