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Kitchen IQ Zester
Kitchen IQ Zester
4.9 stars out of 5 based on 46 reviews.

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Edgeware Zesterby Joan

4 stars out of 5

Kitchen IQ Zester

I love this zester. So easy to use and it works. No mess and collects the zest perfectley. The only tiny downside would be the dark plastic collecting tube at the back,I find it hard to see in. It could do with being clear white plastic, so you can see the measurements clearly.An excellent buy.

Published 18 04 2012

A note from the team: Thank you for placing your review. The zester has been such a popular product with our customers so we're not surprised you love it. We''ve passed your suggestion on to our buying team to consider.Thanks for your feedback.

Easy peasy lemon squeezerby Geraldine

5 stars out of 5

Kitchen IQ Zester

Usually I'd avoid recipes using grated citrus as it is just a faff grating it on a metal grater and retrieving the mess with a pastry brush, usually together with bits of my knuckles. I bought this zester ages ago and used it for the first time last week to make a lemon cake. What a marvel. I even let hubby grate the lemon for the icing and he was as pleased with the ease of grating and that the finely grated zest just tapped out of the container and that washing it up was a doddle. No more grated knuckles for us.

Published 17 04 2012


5 stars out of 5

Kitchen IQ Zester

I was reluctant to pay almost £15 for a zester, however, I was NOT disappointed in my purchase! Worth every penny. Easy to use, simple to clean. The amount of zest only, no pith, that this tool delivers, is outstanding! Well done Lakeland!

Published 23 03 2012

Superb zesterby Lorraine

5 stars out of 5

Kitchen IQ Zester

Yes, it's expensive but worth every penny. After years of struggling with a blunt plastic grater I was amazed how fantastically easy this was to use. With virtually no pressure the lemon zest came off and collected in the container underneath. The sharp blades produced a very fine zest, ideal in my lemon drizzle or madeira cakes. A real find!

Published 12 03 2012

Brilliant!by Mrs Kirby

5 stars out of 5

Kitchen IQ Zester

Gone are the days of trying to scrape zest from the grater, or the awful ribbony texture from the more traditional hand zesters. This product was fast, clean, and in my opinion, well the worth the expense if you are likely to use it regularly.

Published 02 03 2012

This review is for an older version of this product

fab zesterby Charlene

5 stars out of 5

Kitchen IQ Zester

Have just used this for the first time and it made light work of a lemon and a lime! Couldn't believe how easily it glided through the peel. This was an expensive purchase for me so I hope it continues to perform as well and that the blades stay sharp for a long time.

Published 16 02 2012

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