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Magic Hob Liners
Magic Hob Liners
2.0 stars out of 5 based on 49 reviews.

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Such a time saver!!by Mrs Sanchez

4 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

I must admit, I was sceptical at first; I thought they'd look really tacky. The time taken in trimming them to a perfect fit is well worth the effort - they look so much smarter than tin foil, and even more so than a spill splashed hob!!! The fact they are dishwashable is even better... if I've made a mess of them and people are coming round, I can just whip them off to reveal an immaculate hob.

Published 24 03 2009

Good productby Mrs Simmonds

5 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

I found I had to cut them quite a bit to fit my odd shaped gas hob. However, unlike some of the other reviewers I have not had a problem cleaning them. I put them in the washing up bowl then dry them on an old towel and put them back on the hob. I do find they are quite robust and do not tear easily. Mine are showing the wear of constant use and cleaning and will need replacing soon. I do recommend this product for the work they have saved me in cleaning the hob top which was always a pain before.

Published 23 01 2009

Great!!by Mrs Redfern

4 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

I bought a set of these for my daughter and her friends when they moved into their student house. I think their landlord will be thanking me. Need I say more?!! I agree though with a previous reviewer - I have a 5 burner hob and currently have an untidy patchwork of the liners and it's still not quite right. Either a larger set or something on a roll please!

Published 07 11 2008

A note from the team: I've added your comments on the list for our buyers to keep in their minds for the future.

Potentially dangerousby Mr Curran

1 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

These were initally very promising, however I discovered that if they can catch on fire during use. This destroys the liner, ruins the appearance of a stainless steel hob and could cause a potentially serious problem if not dealt with quickly. They certainly keep spills off the hob but I think I will be using a little elbow grease to clean up in future and avoid the fire risk.

Published 05 10 2008

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'm sorry that the hob liners were not as expected. We'll be in touch shortly. To reduce the fire risk, the liners must be tucked under the base of the ring so as not to come into contact with the flame.

protectorsby Anna Burns

3 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

May I suggest that this item is also supplied in a roll. as well as pre-cut. My hob has 5 gas rings & I've had to do a "patchwork" job to cover the enamel base.

Published 28 09 2008

A note from the team: Thank you for your suggestion. We've forwarded this on to our buying team for them to consider.

useful and time savingby Kate

4 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

I have found the liners extremely useful. Once cut correctly they have saved a lot of cleaning time. Eventually I have managed to damage one, which I am now replacing, as they really are quite a time saver.

Published 06 09 2008

How Practical?by Frances Newman

5 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

I've found that the liners save me the bother of cleaning the ceramics as they can be wiped down. For a good clean, put the liners on the draining board, and wipe with a cream cleaner, they don't rip and are quite robust. The only problem I have had with them is when burning fat flew out of the frying pan and burnt a hole in the liner. Frankly, I shouldn't have been cooking at such a high heat, and would not expect any liner to withstand that type of punishment. So what do I think of them? I've just ordered another set and can't imagine not having them.

Published 15 06 2008

Just Magicby Mrs MacGregor

4 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

When we bought our gas range cooker I was dismayed at what a pain it was to clean...until I bought two packs of Magic Hob liners which were easy to cut and fit to the hob and catch all the burns and marks. It's really easy to take them off and clean them instead of the hob. Despite what another reviewer said, I've found them really durable and an overall timesaver.

Published 13 03 2008

Magic Hob Linersby James A Bond

1 stars out of 5

Magic Hob Liners

I found them very thine to what I was expecting and not very good to marking out the size, I'll haven't had to wash them yet but looks they would tear, If was going to buy a replacement I would get the "Magic Oven Liner" instead as it is a lot thinker even these are not easy to mark out the size you need a colour marker to see it.

Published 29 02 2008

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'm sorry that on this occasion the product wasn't as expected. We'll be in touch shortly to arrange a full refund.

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